Teaching Teens with ADD, ADHD & Executive Function Deficits:
A Quick Reference Guide for Teachers and Parents

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Written by Chris A. Zeigler Dendy, M.S.
Second Edition / isbn 978-1-60613-016-2 / 2011 / Paperback / 8.5″ x 11″ / 378 pages



2011 ForeWord’s Book of the Year Award Finalist:
Education category

Thousands of teachers and parents have relied on the authoritative, concise information in Teaching Teens with ADD, ADHD & Executive Function Deficits for advice on meeting the educational, medical, and social needs and challenges of adolescents with these conditions. This updated edition provides more than 80 summaries (annotated checklists for easy consumption) full of new information on research, teaching strategies, education law, executive functioning, social skills, and medication.

A well-known expert on attention deficit disorders and related conditions and the author of the highly acclaimed Teenagers with ADD and ADHD, Chris Dendy is encouraging to educators about the challenges of teaching and managing behavior, while reminding them that attention issues are due to problems in the brain that students can’t control. Summaries fall into these important categories:

  • The Basics of ADD & ADHD
  • Academic and Learning Issues
  • Executive Function and Organizational Skills
  • Federal Laws
  • Medication Issues
  • Managing Behaviors
  • Going the Extra Mile

This comprehensive resource is an excellent tool for teachers and parents to use to pinpoint concrete ways to help their child or student be as successful as possible.

Written by Chris A. Zeigler Dendy, M.S.
Chris Dendy is the author of four highly acclaimed books and two videos. Over the last 40 years, she has worked as an educator, school psychologist, and children's mental health professional. She is the mother of three grown children and five grandchildren who also have ADHD.

In popular demand as a speaker, she presents nationally and internationally on ADHD, learning disabilities, and executive function deficits. Chris served on the executive committee of the national CHADD Board from 2001-2005. She and her late husband have both been members of CHADD's President Council since its inception. They have also served on ADDA-SR's Advisory Board. She was inducted into CHADD's Hall of Fame (2006), awarded CHADD's prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award (2015), and, along with her husband, selected as recipient of ADDA-SR's Eisenberg Award (2006). Find her on Facebook.

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