Speaking of Apraxia:
A Parents’ Guide to Childhood Apraxia of Speech


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Written by Leslie A. Lindsay, R.N., B.S.N.
Second Edition / isbn 978-1-60613-293-7 / 2020 / Paperback / 7″ x 9″ / 440 pages / Glossary / Appendices



Speaking of Apraxia is now available in a Second Edition. Eight years ago, when Leslie Lindsay, former Child & Adolescent Psychiatric R.N., and mother to a daughter with Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS)—now resolved—couldn’t find any parent-friendly books to help her child and family with CAS, she wrote one. Now she’s updated this well-researched book and shares with readers the benefit of her experience and perspective.

CAS is a neurological, motor-based speech disorder which creates a disruption to speech movement and timing. Even though children want to speak, the coordination difficulty results in limited and unclear speech. With intensive speech-language therapy, children can expand their speech ability and intelligibility. Speaking of Apraxia provides in-depth guidance and support for families of children with CAS and the professionals who provide services. It covers:

  • introduction to speech, language & listening
  • explanation of CAS
  • what to do when you suspect your child has CAS
  • getting a speech evaluation
  • meeting with a speech-language pathologist
  • getting the CAS diagnosis
  • possible causes
  • diagnoses related to CAS
  • speech therapy best suited for CAS
  • complementary & alternative approaches
  • activities & materials to support therapy at home
  • creating a language-rich environment for speech
  • coping with CAS as a family
  • understanding & tending to your child’s feelings
  • networking, advocating & resources
  • when CAS resolves, what’s next?

Supportive and encouraging, Speaking of Apraxia gives readers the detailed information they need to get working on all aspects of their child’s CAS. Additional helpful content includes resources, a glossary, and appendices about possible co-occurring conditions, health insurance, camp and enrichment programs, and speech and language milestones.

Written by Leslie A. Lindsay, R.N., B.S.N.
Leslie Lindsay is the award-winning author of Speaking of Apraxia, originally published in 2012 following her daughter’s 2007 diagnosis of CAS. Leslie’s writing and photography have appeared in various literary journals; she has been recognized as one of the most influential book reviewers, interviewing hundreds of bestselling and debut authors at her website. Leslie is a former Child & Adolescent Psychiatric R.N. at the Mayo Clinic and at work on a memoir. She and her family, including a basset hound, reside in suburban Chicago.