Andy and His Yellow Frisbee


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Written and Illustrated by Mary Thompson
isbn 978-0-933149-83-0 / 1996 / Children's Hardcover / 7″ x 10″ / 24 pages / Full-color illustrations / Ages 4-10



A heartwarming illustrated children’s book about Andy, a boy with autism. Like many children with autism, Andy has a fascination with objects in motion. It’s Andy’s special talent for spinning his Frisbee combined with a new classmate’s curiosity about his behavior that sets this story in motion. Rosie, the watchful and protective sister, supplies background on Andy and autism, as well as a sibling’s perspective.

Written and Illustrated by Mary Thompson
Mary Thompson, a botanical illustrator and artist, is the mother of four children, including one with disabilities. She is also the author of Gran’s Bees and the illustrator of The Real Johnny Appleseed, both books for young readers.