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Whole Child Reading: A Quick-Start Guide


For busy parents, tutors, and teachers, follow the author’s strategies and recommendations for using high-interest, individualized materials to hook beginning and struggling readers.

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Teaching Math to People with Down Syndrome and Other Hands-On Learners


New, expanded edition gives parents and teachers high-interest, hands-on strategies and ideas for teaching math to learners of all ages for the general education curriculum and daily living.

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Gifts, 10th Anniversary Edition

Gifts 10th Anniversary Edition_front-cover_hi-res

New edition of the classic collection of personal stories by mothers of children with Down syndrome includes new essays and updates on the children featured in the award-winning first edition.

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Teaching Essential Discrimination Skills to Children with Autism


Teach discrimination skills—the foundation to future learning—using the authors' evidence-based curriculum and strategies. Covers delivering effective instruction, overcoming barriers to learning, assessment, and remedial strategies.

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Supporting Positive Behavior in Children and Teens with Down Syndrome


Stop & flop, bolting, transition difficulty. Address these and other common behavior issues in children with Down syndrome using the author's effective and proactive approach to behavior management.

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Teenagers with ADD, ADHD & Executive Function Deficits


Bestselling and comprehensive guide to helping teens manage symptoms is updated with the latest diagnostic criteria, research, and proven strategies. It looks at key areas—academics, dating, driving, socializing, and greater independence—that make adolescence potentially more difficult for these kids

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