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The Girls’ Guide to AD/HD
Don’t Lose This Book!
Beth Walker

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isbn 978-1-890627-56-0
7" x 10"
176 pages
Ages 13-19

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About the Author

Beth Walker has a daughter with AD/HD. She received a Masters of Fine Arts in Writing for Children from Vermont College, Union Institute and University, Montpelier, Vermont. This book is the result of helping her daughter strategize to deal with AD/HD, researching the syndrome extensively, and consulting with Dr. Joel Singerman, a pediatrician with AD/HD.

Attention, girls with AD/HD! Finally there is a book written especially for you: a for-your-eyes-only look at what it is like to have AD/HD, and great advice on how to cope with it. The Girls' Guide to AD/HD explores the good stuff, not-so-good stuff, normal stuff, brain stuff, and truthfully, the stuff that isn't in any other book out there on AD/HD. Really!

So what makes this book different? It is funny, honest, and written especially for girls, not for their parents. It presents all the must-know information about AD/HD in a style that girls in junior, middle, or high school will understand and want to read. An important first step is to get to know how AD/HD affects girls in particular. They might be some combination of dreamy, forgetful, emotional, messy, depressed, talkative, distractible, or fidgety. They might also have trouble starting and finishing homework and chores, falling asleep and getting up, or fitting in with peers. Recognizing this mix of characteristics, the book presents information using three different girl characters (Maddy, Helen, and Bo), each with a unique personality and combination of AD/HD traits.

Maddy, Helen, and Bo cover all there is to know, including:

  • What AD/HD is like for girls
  • How the AD/HD brain works
  • How puberty compounds problems with AD/HD
  • How counseling, coaching, and medications help
  • How to deal with emotions from anger to anxiety to depression
  • What advantages there are to having AD/HD
  • How to cope with school and homework
  • How to get along with family and friends
Armed with this knowledge about AD/HD and the unbeatable advice found in this book, girls will be ready to accept the impact of AD/HD and decide how they are going to deal with it. It won't be easy, but it will be worth it! The Girls' Guide to AD/HD should be essential reading for girls, but also for parents, counselors, teachers, psychologists, and anyone who knows a girl with AD/HD and wants to understand her better.

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