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The Sibling Slam Book

What It's Really Like to Have a Brother or Sister with Special Needs
Edited by Donald J. Meyer

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isbn# 978-1-890627-52-2  
8 1/2" x 11"
186 pages
Ages 13-19

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List of Questions

What should we know about you?
What should we know about your sib?
How many kids are in your family?
Describe yourself to someone who can?t see you.
How would you describe your relationship with your sib?
Do you like hanging out with your sib? What do you do?
How do your friends describe you?
What do you want people to know about your sib?
Do you think your sib knows he/she has a disability? (If so, what does that mean to him/her? )
Got any good stories about your sib?
Is your outlook on life different from your friends? Outlook on life? How?
Do you think being a sib has affected your personality? How?
What makes you proud of your sib?
When you were younger, did you ever wish you had a disability so your parents would pay more attention to you?
Do your friends get along with your sib? Do you tend to pick friends who are likely to get along with your sib?
What do you tell your friends about your sib's disability? Do they ever ask questions?
What is your pet peeve?
What item must you have with you all the time?
Can you imagine what it would be like if your sibling didn't have a disability?
Does your sib ever frustrate you? How?
What are some advantages--good parts--of having a sibling with a disability?
What are some disadvantages--not so good parts--of having a sibling with special needs?
Describe a perfect day.
If you could change just one thing about your sib (or your sib-s disability), what would it be?
What do you see for your sibling's future? And what part do you think you'll play in that future?
What annoys you the most about how people treat your sib?
Do your parents include you in discussions about your sib? How do you feel about that?
Has your sib ever embarrassed you?
Do you know lots of other sibs and if so, how do you know them?
How is your sib treated by kids in your community?
What career choices sound good right now?
Something you said you'd never do but did anyway:
What is the hardest thing to do as a sibling?
Sweetest thing someone has done for (or said to) you:
Is there something about your sib that you makes you smile?
Anything about your sib that just pisses you off?
What confuses you the most about the opposite sex?
How do the people at your school/church/after-school group treat your sibling?
What are some words or phrases you use the most?
Has something ever happened to your sib that scared you?
Ever feel invisible?
If you could meet one person, dead or alive, who would it be?
If you had a choice, would you get rid of all disabilities in the world--or just the negative reactions to them?
Most embarrassing moment:
What's the best advice you've given or been given?
Where you see yourself in 10 years:
What life lesson have you learned from being a sib?
Happiest moment:
If you had just one day when your sibling didn't have a disability, what would you choose to do on that day?
What's the toughest thing about being a sib?
What's the weirdest question you've ever been asked about your sib?
If you had one wish for your brother or sister, what would it be?
What's the one question we should have asked but didn't? (and what's the answer?)
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