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Getting from Me to We

How to Help Young Children Fit In and Make Friends
Shonna L. Tuck, M.A., SLP


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isbn# 978-1-60613-269-2
6" x 9"
220 pages

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"This book is a helpful resource for anyone whose child is having trouble making friends, whether they have special needs or not."
-Federation for Children with Special Needs Newsline, Fall 2015

"Overall, the book is easy to read and well laid out. It would be an asset for any parent with a child who has difficulty with social interactions, whether he or she has an underlying condition or not."
-Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy Online First, May 27, 2016

"Tuck delivers a clear message that 'childhood isn't the easiest time for all children.' Her book successfully explores a subject of crucial importance in early childhood education. The informed and empathetic narrative contains humorous asides that reflect her kind approach to helping young children overcome their social difficulties."
-Foreword Reviews, Winter 2015

"Shonna Tuck has the ability to communicate complicated information in a clear, user-friendly manner that is accessible to parents and healthcare providers. She has given parents and healthcare providers practical resources to help remediate children who have difficulty relating to peers. This is a must read for anyone involved with children with social issues."
-Sheryl K. Pruitt, M.Ed., ET/P, Clinical director of Parkaire Consultants
Co-author of Tigers, Too (2009), Challenging Kids, Challenged Teachers (2010), and contributor to the book, Tourette Syndrome (2014)

"Tuck, a Canadian speech-language pathologist with 20 years of experience in early identification and intervention for children at social risk, has written a book chiefly geared toward parents and teachers but that will also be of interest to other professionals. The author stresses the importance of early help for children age three-and-a-half to seven, since this is when they transition from playing independently to cooperatively. There is a major need: 'On average, each elementary classroom will have at least three children who markedly stand out from the others—and not in a good way.' The skills underlying making friends include joint attention, emotional awareness, imitation, early perspective taking, theory of mind, narratives, and conflict resolution. These topics may sound dry, but Tuck uses a conversational tone, humor, and examples of specific children to make her points. Her accessible style is underscored with a plethora of resources, including books and games on each topic. The conclusion details ADHD, anxiety, autism spectrum disorders, and hearing and vision issues, all of which can contribute to difficulties establishing relationships. VERDICT This book joins Ross W. Greene's The Explosive Child as a helpful tool to aid those who love and work with children with social issues."
-Library Journal, September 15, 2015

"Highly recommended, especially for public library collections about parenting."
-Library Bookwatch, December 2015

"This is a definite read for all parents and educators."
-Building Blocks, A Special Needs Magazine, December 2015

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