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Solve Common Teaching Challenges in Children with Autism

8 Essential Strategies for Professionals & Parents
Edited by Lara Delmolino, Ph.D., BCBA-D


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isbn# 978-1-60613-253-1
5 ½" x 8 ½"
166 pages

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"Throughout the book, self-assessments are provided to assist educators, parents, and behavior specialists in zeroing in on specific problem areas that need to be addressed."
-Autism File, August/September 2015

"Informative and accessible, this guide can benefit anybody involved in the education of a child with ASD."
-Read the entire review at ForeWord Reviews

"It presents successful teaching strategies for children with autism, based on clinical work and research, in a format that is accessible and logical."
-CAPHIS Consumer Connections, Consumer and Patient Health Information Section of the Medical Library Association

"[I]ts scientific content would be valuable to professionals for reference and explanation of current theory in regard to treatment of students with autism spectrum disorder."
-Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy's CJOT Online First

"A comprehensive guide highlighting the most common challenges we all face in teaching children with autism. The authors provide a clear description of eight common problems seen in instructional practice and offer concrete strategies to avoid these pitfalls, with a keen eye on addressing the individual differences between learners. These guidelines represent best practice in the field. An invaluable resource for both educators and parents."
-Rebecca MacDonald, Ph.D., BCBA-D
Senior Program Director – Psychologist, New England Center for Children, Inc.

"This book serves as a wonderful guide for all professionals, regardless of their credentials, years of experience in the field, or their current role. The authors address the advances of ABA and emphasize how practitioners need to adapt and individualize to meet the needs of their students. The book is a brilliant resource that every teacher, consultant, and behavior analyst should have on hand. It not only highlights the teaching challenges, but it also gives concrete tools and practical examples for people to make useful and meaningful changes to their teaching. The quick reference guides, self assessments, and other charts in the book are valuable references!"
-Tara Klein, M.S. Ed., BCBA
Co-Founder, Building Behavior Solutions, LLC

"[A]n invaluable diagnostic and curriculum planning aid for any classroom instruction charged with the education of an autistic child at any level K-12. An essential addition to school and university Autism educational reference collections and supplemental reading lists, Solve Common Teaching Challenges in Children with Autism is so exceptionally well written as to be quite accessible and of substantial value to parents...."
-The Midwest Book Review Bookwatch, August 2015

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