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The Adventures of Stretch More

Pick-Your-Path Stories for Solving Problems Together
Trina Epstein, Psy.D. & Ross W. Greene, Ph.D.


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isbn# 978-1-60613-201-2
6" x 9"
136 Pages
B&W illustrations
Ages 8-13

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"My homeschooler and I dove right in. We read about the botched breakfast. Almost immediately, my girl found a way that she identifies with Stretch. We talk about how she is like Stretch, how she is different from Stretch. And of course, we don't read just the ending she would choose; instead, we read all the endings. The stories give us fuel for discussion later - something I am seeing more and more. My girl needs a long time to process a concept, and we revisit situations and the endings again and again as she processes another bit here or there. The stories themselves and the format of the book is very kid and teen friendly."
-Penny Ray, blogger at Not New to Autism (Homeschooling, Autism & "Stuff")
Read the entire review at the Not New to Autism Blog (Homeschooling, Autism & "Stuff")

"This book is well written and acknowledges the difficulties faced by parents of children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, bipolar disorder, disruptive mood dysregulation disorder, and Tourette syndrome. This book gives parents credit for dealing with their child's challenging behaviors and provides examples of proactive and collaborative approaches to avoid behavior such as meltdowns and temper tantrums. The authors provide strategies to manage challenging behaviors and describe how parents can problem solve with their child to attain a calmer, more proactive behavior for both parties. Different scenarios are provided with choices of outcomes for each 'path' that is chosen. There are many small notes to parents that provide encouraging comments to help them avoid frustrating problems arising due to conflict between their goals and their child's. The authors acknowledge that their methods will take repeated practic but that it is worth trying different management approaches. In conclusion, I highly recommend this book as a practical parent resource."
-Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy, December 2015

"If your son or daughter is an awesome kid but sometimes gets into trouble in school or at home due to his or her 'behaviour', then this book is a must-read for both of you.

One of the best parts of the book's design--besides the fact that it's fun and puts the reader in the driver's seat--is its illustrations. Stretch More's body is a rubber band that is smoothly stretched out when he's calm and thinking flexibly, and twisted and tied into knots (literally) when he's stuck and struggling to problem-solve."
-Tourette Canada's T-Mag, Summer/Fall 2014

"Based on the innovative therapeutic approach Collaborative and Proactive Solutions developed by Dr. Ross Greene, this is a truly impressive book written for children who display inflexibility and impulse control problems. Strategies accompanied with actual dialogue for nurturing reflection and problem solving skills are presented in an empathic, nonjudgmental, realistic way that will serve as a wonderful resource for children as well as their parents, teachers, and therapists. Drs. Epstein and Greene are to be commended for writing such a helpful, optimistic book for children who struggle with inflexibility."
-Robert Brooks, Ph.D., Faculty, Harvard Medical School, and co-author of Raising Resilient Children and Raising a Self-Disciplined Child

"The Adventures of Stretch More can help kids learn extremely important keys to problem solving, like how to transcend momentary pleasures for longer term rewards. As kids actively participate in how each story unfolds, they practice how best to meet their needs without interfering with the rights of others."
-Jed Baker, Ph.D., Director of The Social Skills Training Project and author of 6 books including No More Meltdowns

"For years, Ross Greene has made the compelling argument that eproblem solvingf is a major obstacle for many kids with special needs. Now he and Trina Epstein have taken a huge step toward remediating this difficulty with their innovative The Adventures of Stretch More. This creative and entertaining book will be a valuable tool for parents, educators, and therapists as they attempt to enhance a child's flexibility and impulse control."
-Richard D. Lavoie, author of It's So Much Work to Be Your Friend: Helping the Child with Learning Disabilities Find Social Success

"This book is a virtual coach for families learning to use Collaborative & Proactive Solutions with children who struggle with emotional regulation and cognitive flexibility. Each scenario illustrates a situation that families can relate to and shows this method in action."
-Staci Daddona, parent and President of Partnership for Extraordinary Minds (xMinds)

"The best way to teach parents and professionals is by having them read a really clever book with kids! Stretch, along with the adults he interacts with, provides many opportunities to explore how we all need to think more flexibly and be proactive in order to problem solve! Tips within each story provide critical pointers on how adults can help spirited kids learn to keep their spirit, while everyone stays in control of the situation. A terrific teaching tool for all!"
-Michelle Garcia Winner, Founder of Social Thinking®
Speech language pathologist, MA-CCC

"Parents and teachers who have been unsuccessful with traditional parenting techniques will appreciate this new way to understand and work with difficult children."
-CAPHIS Consumer Connections

"In Ross Greene's first book, The Explosive Child, he introduced a paradigm for understanding children with ADHD, sensory processing challenges, oppositional defiant disorder, and similar conditions. When children misbehave, it's often because the demands of the situation exceed what they are developmentally able to handle. To help these 'inflexible' kids, Greene developed Collaborative & Proactive Solutions (CPS), a parenting method in which parents and kids solve problems together.

It isn't easy to master a new parenting method, or to bring a challenging child along as you do. Greene's new children's book, written with Trina Epstein, a child and adolescent psychologist, is designed help parents, teachers, and children put CPS into practice.

Epstein and Greene start by explaining CPS. Three stories about the main character, Stretch More, written for children ages eight to 13, follow. In one, Stretch's sensory challenges ruin breakfast. In the next, his difficulty with transitions and changes in plans makes for a challenging weekend. In the third, Stretch's need for stimulation and movement creates roadblocks at school.

Stretch's parents and teacher use CPS to work with him to solve each story's problem. At crucial junctions in each story, readers are invited to choose from a list of possible responses, and see where their decision leads. Parents and children can read the stories over and over, following different paths to different outcomes, learning something new from each scenario."
- ADDitude Magazine

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