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Going Solo

While Raising Children with Disabilities
Laura E. Marshak, Ph.D.


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isbn# 978-1-60613-180-0
6" x 9"
374 pages

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"Going Solo provides practical information and advice on a number of issues that confront single parents of children with disabilities. Some topics covered are: guilt, coping skills, handling loneliness, finding support/asking for help, work and financial issues, and dating. Marshak also discusses single parenting from different parenting viewpoints; divorce, death, single adoption, single by choice, and military deployment. The book’s focus on the life stories and decisions of real people creates an interesting narrative and produces insight into the complex issues faced when parenting a special needs child alone. While the issues faced are difficult, Marshak’s appreciation for the wisdom and resilience of the featured parents keeps the tone optimistic. Woven throughout are strategies and professional advice."
-CAPHIS Consumer Connections (Consumer and Patient Health Information Section of the Medical Library Association)

"Written by well-known psychologist and disability adjustment therapist Laura Marshak, the book provides insights from parents in the trenches of solo parenting as well as practical strategies for getting through difficult situations."
-Autism File, August/September 2015

"The parents in this book come from all walks of life. Many draw strength from religious faith, a recurring theme in several interviews. They seek support from families, friends, support groups, and other parents of children with disabilities. What they do have in common is their commitment to their children, their love and their resolve. Going Solo puts that love front and center and provides practical advice and resources for other parents in the same position."
United Cerebral Palsy Voices blog

"Exceptionally well written, organized and presented by a truly knowledgeable practitioner, Going Solo While Raising Children with Disabilities is as informed and informative as it is thoroughly user friendly from beginning to end. Very highly recommended for personal, family, social service agency, community, and library Parenting Studies instructional reference book collections, it should be noted that Going Solo While Raising Children with Disabilities is an absolute must for anyone charged with the responsibility of providing for the needs of children with disabilities."
-The Midwest Book Review Bookwatch, August 2015

"Practical, insightful, and very useful information for dads and moms going solo and other parents too! Exceedingly easy to read and digest and makes so much sense out of complicated issues. ALL parents raising children with special needs will benefit from Dr. Marshak's insights, as we all at some time have solo moments whether partnered or not. Already one of my favorite books!"
-Greg Schell, Director, Fathers Network
Kindering, Bellevue, Washington

"Going Solo has two things I love to see in a parenting book: a respectful appreciation for the wisdom that moms and dads can share with one another, and the kind of practical advice you can follow through on immediately. It's like a support group and a how-to all in one, and if you're raising a child with special needs alone, you'll appreciate that multitasking."
-Terri Mauro, About.com Parenting Special Needs

"A must read! This book does an excellent job describing the dynamics of solo parenting and highlights solo parents as the result of military deployments. Reading the inspirational and personal experiences recounted in the book will validate the many feelings of special-needs parents."
-Elaine Daly-Rath, LMHC, NCC
Child & Family Therapist, Kailua, Hawaii
Former EFMP Family Support Specialist, Travis AFB, Fairfield, California

"Se llaman "Padres Solo" a quienes—padre, madre, abuelo—se encuentran en casa como única persona que ha de criar, atender o sacar adelante a un niño. En la presenta obra se aborda el tema de los niños con discapacidad. Por propia elección o por la circunstancia que sea, esa persona ha de afrontar una situación difícil. Y eso incluye a parejas que, aunque convivan, uno de sus miembros está ausente grandes temporadas, o simplemente se desentiende. El libro está escrito por una psicóloga, profesora de la Universidad Indiana en Pennsylvania, que vive esa experiencia, ha recibido numerosas consultas sobre tal situación, y ha entrevistado a muchas personas. Analiza las necesidades, ofrece soluciones y estrategias, no sólo de carácter práctico en la vida diaria sino de carácter psicológico, más profundo. Porque sólo partiendo de una concepción y racionalización del problema se mantiene el espíritu adecuado para mantener el espíritu necesario y transformar la propia vida en beneficio de la persona que más lo necesita."
-Fundación Iberoamericana Down21 (www.down21.org)

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