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When Down Syndrome and Autism Intersect

A Guide for Parents and Professionals
Edited by Margaret Froehlke, R.N. & Robin Zaborek


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isbn# 978-1-60613-160-2
7" x 10"
240 Pages

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Read a review in Spanish from Fundacion Iberoamericana Down 21

"With such clear and well-presented information, Froehlke and Zaborek provide more than strategies; they also offer comfort and community. They write that their goal is to enable 'our loved ones to live healthy, safe, and joyful lives,' and they do an outstanding job providing the tools, information, and resources to help other families do the same."
-ForeWord Reviews, March 2013
Read the entire review here

"As the father of twin boys with DS-ASD, I would have loved to have had this comprehensive and compassionate book 18 years ago. The information it contains will benefit families, medical professionals, and educators, as it is truly a guide based on lives like my family's and so many more. Very well done."
-Kelly Krei
Denver Colorado

"This primer is an excellent compilation of information for parents seeking help and advice as well as healthcare providers and school personnel who may also need help in assisting children and teens and their families."
-CAPHIS Consumer Connections

"For decades, families caring for children with this complex condition have found themselves isolated in their attempts to navigate these uncharted waters. That long journey is now more navigable thanks to this fine compendium. The authors are uniquely qualified in their role as parents and/or professionals who care about individuals with dual-diagnosis. They offer readers essential information and practical guidance along with thoughtful advice."
-George T. Capone, M.D.
Director, Down Syndrome Clinic & Research Center, Kennedy Krieger Institute and Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

"From the emotional impact of the diagnosis to best practice in medical, educational, and behavioral care, When Down Syndrome and Autism Intersect is a timely and needed guide for families and professionals. It provides invaluable information and practical advice to support the unique needs of an often misunderstood population."
-Gretchen Carroll, M.A.
Clinical Special Education Coordinator, Jane and Richard Thomas Center for Down Syndrome, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

"This guide book provides an important starting point and a continuing references guide for parents of children who both down syndrome and a diagnosis on the autism spectrum. The book begins with the experiences and perspectives of two parents who tell their stories with warmth and compassion. Both acknowledge the double grief of first adjusting to the life differences that having Down syndrome is likely to bring to their child and to their family and then to the additional pain of understanding why their son or daughter is so unlike other children with Down syndrome.

They openly discuss the isolation they felt at events where other children with Down syndrome were playing, socializing, and talking while their child sat on the sidelines, seemingly uninterested, or more interested in staring at the light through the window than in interacting with others. The parents in the book acknowledge that for some parents the second diagnosis of an ASD (autism spectrum disorder) is a relief; that they finally have a word for why their child is different from others with DS (Down syndrome). For others, the second diagnosis brings new pain and an overwhelming idea now they must learn all there is to know not only about Down syndrome, but about autism as well.

I found myself asking at the end of the book, 'This book has been great about taking the person apart into different parts important parts including medical needs, behavioral needs, etc. why not put the whole person back together again at the end and let parents know how truly cool their child with DS-ASD is?' No matter how many diagnoses a child has, he or she is still a whole person to be valued and loved for who they are. One cannot deny the stress on parents who live with the accommodations they must make in their lives day in and day out for their son or daughter. The stress might be eased just a bit by acknowledging the pride and the wonder in who their son or daughter turns to be: perhaps funny, maybe a little quirky, no doubt interesting, with skills and interests where a parent might never have expected them.

Overall, the book provides very helpful information on every topic from possible problem behaviors to health care to designing educational programs. The checklists and notations of what to look for at various ages is very helpful in making this guidebook one to which parents will refer as their child goes all the way through school. I do wish the book had done more to encourage parents to be prepared to be positively surprised."
-Newsline (Federation for Children with Special Needs)

"This book will be an important resource to families dealing with a dual diagnosis and includes sections written by experts on topics such as diagnosis, getting support, genetics, medical issues, behavioral issues, life planning, and much more."
-The Upside, Rocky Mountain Down Syndrome Association

"I just finished reading the Woodbine House book, When Down Syndrome and Autism Intersect: A Guide to DS-ASD for Parents and Professionals. As always, Woodbine House delivers the goods. I only wish this book had been available fifteen years ago when I began to suspect that Nick had something more going on than just Down syndrome."
-Teresa J. Unnerstall
Read the entire review at nickspecialneeds.wordpress.com

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