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Lucky Dogs, Lost Hats, and Dating Don´ts

Hi-Lo Stories about Real Life
Thomas Fish, Ph.D. & Jillian Ober, M.A., CRC


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isbn# 978-1-60613-156-5
6" x 9"
216 Pages
Middle Schooler-Adults

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"Whether the reader is an adult who struggles to read, or a teen with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), Lucky Dogs is an enjoyable, non-threatening series of stories that will captivate, provoke thought, and enable discussion."
-ForeWord Reviews

Lucky Dogs gives teens and adults with reading challenges a platform to explore and discuss a broad range of important topics. With life lessons embedded in the stories, Lucky Dogs is a wonderful tool for teaching and promoting independence."
-Dana L. Halle
Executive Director, Down Syndrome Foundation of Orange County, California

"The book lives up to its tagline by integrating life lessons and dealing with emotions one feels within relationships and events or when making real-life decisions. For instance, the characters in the stories deal with anxiety, apprehension, nervousness, indignance, relief, empathy, pride, contentment, and jay. In a subtle way, most stories imply the main characters have intellectual or developmental disorders themselves. As a parent and health care professional. I appreciated particularly the authors’ thoughtful and artful use of vocabulary and explanation of figurative language. Each short story has four or five straightforward questions that can easily be used in a group or individual setting to encourage candid discussion and self-reflection but that are in no way daunting."
-Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy

"This anthology, written at a second- or third-grade reading level, is aimed at 'developmentally disabled populations.' It focuses on 'relationships-romantic and platonic, personal and professional.' In 'Dirty Dishes,' a woman struggles with her roommate, who is messy. While cleaning up the kitchen, she is shocked to find a bug in the sink. The protagonist must figure out a way to approach her roommate about the situation. Other highlights include stories about a camping trip gone awry and a bad-hair day. Older readers will definitely relate to stories about a man who is afraid to go to a new doctor and a lucky hat that goes missing. In addition to the 12 short stories, the book includes two plays that can be used for reader's theater. With a large typeface and black-and-white photos, this collection is definitely less intimidating for struggling readers."
-School Library Journal

"Overall, I could really relate to most of the stories in this book. It made me think about my own disabilities and how I could benefit from learning and understanding the fact that there are people in this world that have it worse that I do, and that I should be more accepting of others as well as myself."
-Newsline, April 2014 (Federation for Children with Special Needs)

"The stories highlight real-life scenarios that impact us all. Book club member and other readers are sure to find stories they can relate to. The various topics, from humorous to serious in nature, will be of interest to many readers. The questions following each story are sure to spark interesting discussions and build unity across book club members."
-Cynthia Chambers, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Graduate Coordinator of Special Education
Claudius G. Glemmer College of Education, East Tennessee State University

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