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Speaking of Apraxia

A Parents' Guide to Childhood Apraxia of Speech
Leslie Lindsay


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isbn# 978-1-60613-061-2
7" x 10"
450 pages

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"We all wait impatiently for our children's first words, and expect to delight in small talk with our small children. Some children hold their silence for so long that we worry, and some of those children are eventually diagnosed with Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS, previously known by many other names). This is done by differential diagnosis, and as so carefully in the book, is defined as a neurologically-based motor speech disorder (as opposed to a delay) associated with speech movement difficulties around the mouth, CAS is found in some children with other special needs (see one of the informative appendices) and also just by itself, and there is a lot that can be done about it.

Author Leslie Lindsay is a parent of a child with CAS and has thoroughly researched this disorder that had profoundly affected her daughter's ability to speak and communicate. In her well-planned book she generously shares the technical information so valuable to parents, teachers and service providers of children newly and not-so-newly diagnosed, as well as healthy doses of encouragement and support. She clearly has the whole child in mind and guides the reader through the many approaches to treating and nurturing the complete well-being of the diagnosed child. Armed with interviews with many parents and speech language pathologists (SLPs), Leslie Lindsay offers a veritable encyclopedia covering nearly every aspect of life with CAS along with neatly organized charts, lists, and summaries. Speaking of Apraxia can easily be read in short bursts as a handy resource or read cover to cover while immersing oneself in CAS information.

Divided into five main sections, the book covers speech basics, dealing with a diagnosis and familiarizing oneself with current approaches both traditional and complementary/alternative, helping your child in many areas including academic, and coping as a family as the child's needs changes (and they will). A fascinating section about designing the child's bedroom and play space is a worthy read for all parents and interior designers (yes – interior designers!). The author presents many thought-provoking factors to take into consideration when preparing the places where a child ends up spending so much time. And, as if the book did not offer enough, there are noteworthy appendices that cover maximizing insurance benefits and other sources for obtaining therapy, a very detailed speech and language milestone list for use as a guideline, and relevant research on related reading difficulties.

With this book, Leslie Lindsay accomplished a worthy goal: to provide a 'real book' that would cover apraxia. IF CAS at all plays a part in your life, you will find yourself reaching for Speaking of Apraxia over and over again."
-Building Blocks Magazine, June 2012

"Leslie Lindsay has provided parents with an invaluable resource by expertly weaving research and real life in a straightforward manner that serves to inform and empower the reader. Speaking of Apraxia is a practical, hands-on resource written in a voice that integrates the academic understanding of a nursing professional with the honesty and emotion of a mother of a child with CAS. The diagnosis of childhood apraxia of speech sets a family on a journey that they no longer have to traverse alone. Brimming with strategies, suggestions, and anecdotes, this comprehensive book is essential reading for anyone who loves a child with CAS."
-Katie Eshleman, MA
Board-certified music therapist, and creator of Sing Out and Ta-Da: CDs to Enhance Early Childhood Speech Development

"By sharing many of her own personal experiences, Leslie offers encouragement to parents of children newly diagnosed with childhood apraxia of speech."
-Holly Olmsted-Hickey
President & Founder of The Apraxia Connection and The Windy City/Chicagoland Apraxia Network

"[A] comprehensive, supportive, straightforward tool for other parents needing to learn about this neurological motor speech disorder."
-ForeWord Digital Reviews

"As a parent of a child with Down syndrome, apraxia, and autism I appreciated the sections on how to cope as a parent. All through the book the topics offered immediate references that directed you to find out more in other chapters. The book covers everything from what CAS is, how it is diagnosed and treated, coping and is loaded with resources in every chapter. This book is a must have for parents, teachers, therapist and medical professionals as a comprehensive guide that offers hope and practical advice."
-Teresa J. Unnerstall

"The subject area of what is now known as childhood apraxia of speech has changed considerably in the past number of years. This book, written by parent Leslie A. Lindsay, is well written and an excellent resource for parents, educators, and speech-language pathologists. I highly suggest other health care professionals read this as well. It belongs on every therapy agency’s lending book shelf."
-Judy Michels Jelm, M.S., CCC-SLP
Neuro-Developmental Treatment Association SLP instructor emeritus

"Written by a parent who's done some research rather than a researcher talking down, the text is accessible and friendly, full of explanations you can understand, experiences you can relate to, and exercises you can start doing right now. The format, reminiscent of 'for Dummies'-type books with their subheads and boxes and bullet lists, makes it easy to flip through and find what you're looking for, at whatever stage you child is at, from diagnosis through therapy through IEPs. And if somehow this comprehensive guide doesn't answer all your questions, lists at the end of each chapter point you toward further resources."
-Terri Mauro, Guide to Parenting Special Needs
Read the entire review at specialchildren.about.com

Read the author's guest post at The Speech Ladies Blog

"Speaking of Apraxia is a vital addition to any childhood educational research collection, highly recommended."
-Library Bookwatch

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