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I Can, Can You?
Written and Photographed by Marjorie W. Pitzer, M.Ed.


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isbn# 978-1-890627-57-7
Board Book
7" x 5"
16 pages
Color Photographs
Ages birth to 4

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"As a former librarian and occupational therapist, I believe that one of the best things to have come out of the disability rights movement is literature featuring children with disabilities in a positive light. Compared to educational mainstreaming and the ADA, a children's book such as I Can, Can You? by Marjorie W. Pitzer might seem like a minor social achievement, but not so. Although books with realistic and positive messages are the norm now, they were practically nonexistent when I was growing up as a child with disabilities in the 1950s.

This brightly-colored board book, written by an early intervention practitioner, features photographs of infants and toddlers with Down syndrome performing everyday, age-appropriate tasks. Aimed at young children with Down syndrome and their families, educators, and health care workers, I would also recommend this upbeat book as an inclusion in school and public libraries."
-Disability Resources Online

"I Can, Can You? is a delightful board book that shows children with Down syndrome doing some of their favorite things. The pictures capture joy and innocence as children play patty-cake, eat spaghetti, zip down a slide, tickle their own toes, smile, and discover new things.

My son Noah loves looking at books with photos, and this one is sure to provide hours of entertainment as he sees kids doing some of the wonderful things that he does too. It is also a perfect book to share with his preschool class. For new parents, this book is truly inspirational. No doubt you've bought and received dozens of texts about what your child may not be able to do--about the difficulties you may face. Put those aside. I can be proud of my child's accomplishments, even the small ones. Can you?"
-NDSS Newsletter

"A board book with color photos of children and variations on 'I can...Can you?' The youngsters are all actively engaged: feeding themselves, playing with blocks, swimming, etc. They are clearly happy and reveling in their newfound abilities. Only the back cover mentions that all of the babies and toddlers in the photos have Down syndrome. The book is probably most reassuring for preschoolers who have Down syndrome, as many disabled children never see kids like themselves in picture books."
-School Library Journal, October 1, 2004

"There are few board books for infants and toddlers that feature children with special needs in general, and Down syndrome in particular. The pictures are of real children, as opposed to animals or cartoon children found in many other beginning books, and the wording and scenes highlight these children's abilities. This book gives young children with Down syndrome the opportunity to look at other children who look like they do, and it gives new parents of a baby with Down syndrome hope for their child's potential. For early childhood professionals, the book is a needed literacy tool that may engage young children with Down syndrome more than the average picture book."
-Review of Disability Studies, Volume II, Issue 1, 2006

"The question, 'Can you?' with each action photo will pull youngsters right in along with you, encouraging interactive play and loads of smiles."
-L.A. Parent - City - Your Child with Special Needs, Spring 2013

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